We are here for our community and we value the feedback

We take great pride in knowing that we are there for so many people who rely on us for their transport needs:

Shopping trip out and about
sedact – always here for our members

Janet contacted us following a recommendation as in her own words ‘I didn’t know where to turn’. At risk and needing help, she had to get to her husband’s funeral. On her own with just our driver Adrian, she was able to say a final farewell. ‘I can’t thank you enough’

Making it possible for Janet to say goodbye to her husband was one of the kindest things your driver could do. A moving reminder of the human value of #communitytransport #ThankYou

I just could not do without it – I get my shopping done sometimes at Castlepoint M&S and the other time at Lidl in Boscombe. It means I can go out, I would not be able to go out otherwise. The charity has been so helpful and cannot thank them enough

The service is absolute heaven, I am able to get out which I cannot do without the bus, i can now go to Boscombe as well as Castlepoint and enjoy all the shops. It is so much better than if my children drop me off, I am not rushed or under pressure. The service is absolutely brilliant cant do without it

it is an absolute godsend, just could not manage without it, I live on my own and if it were not for the bus I could not get out at all, it is so marvellous, they are so helpful, I cannot be without it

It is so helpful, I used it last Friday, I came to the shops and it gets me out of the house, I have a good old browse around and do my weekly shopping, I could not do without it – I have told my neighbour how helpful you are but she has yet to sign up.

I am partially sighted, the boys are brilliant, I go shopping at Castlepoint and Boscombe, they help me in with my shopping, if it were not for the bus i just don’t know what I’d do. I just don’t know why more people don’t use the bus. I never knew about it i only heard about it when my neighbour saw the bus driving around and said call them, I am so glad I did it has changed my life. I also use the hospital service, this is marvellous they take you right up to your appointment and collect you

I am a double amputee, when the busses were not running I just could not get out at all, I depend on it for my shopping, I use it once a week, frankly I just could not manage without it – the drivers are jus so helpful – I rely on the service

I used the bus last Friday to go to Sainsbury’s I use it to do my weekly shopping, I use the bus because i want to have my independence. I could ask the family but it is when they are able and I don’t feel independent I have used the mini trips in the past but my family takes me out a lot

We have used sedcat for years both my husband an I, he passed in February and I have not been out, the service is fantastic i an amble to get out and meet people of my own age and like. Without the bus i just could not get out. I used to go to a care home for a break but that has closed down, so the bus is the only thing I now have that gives me my independence.

I rely on you, I use you to do my shopping and get to the hospital – you are a god send. I have used your trips and like going to the garden centres, I struggle to use public transport and your bus enables me to get out and shop – I am going to book again for this Monday

I live on my own, with COVID I am afraid to get out and the loneliness is getting me down. I have used the bus service to get my shopping, it is so marvellous. I have also used the hospital hop which helped me. I want to go out but am afraid of COVID – I would like to do a mini trip – but am afraid

It is marvellous – so pleased that you are up and running again I am going to book for Monday – it makes such a difference. Alan is lovely, as so is Adrian they are marvellous they are so helpful – I don’t know what id do without it – I normally go to Boscombe but I also want to go to Castlepoint

It is so helpful, both my husband an I use the bus to go shopping at Castlepoint we do our big shop and it enables us to get out which we could no do without the bus. The service is so good.

It enables me to get out, the one and a half hour trip out is just perfect – are you going to Poole, that would be good. The service is excellent thank you so much. If you were not here i don’t know what I’d do.

I only need to go to Castlepoint 4 – 5 times a year , it is a good service, such friendly staff and you always have a good range of scooters, it is wonderful. It helps me with my independence, I am a lot happier – if you were not there I would have to save up for my own scooter but I don’t have the money

I don’t go out as much as I used to as I am loosing my sight, and I have a carer that does the shopping. But it is so good to know that you are there, it is reassuring. Alan, is marvellous, you are all like friends. I have not forsaken you all but I am now limited as to when i can get out. But is so reassuring to know that you are there.

I use the community cars at least once a week and the bus. Sometimes a friend takes me to hospital but often i cannot get someone to take me. If your service is not available i have to take a taxi. I think sedcat is really good and the staff do their very best to help.

I always go on the mini trips, they are marvellous, they get me out and about and i meet people, I go with my friend. The drivers are so helpful, it is something to look forward to, tomorrow I am going to Poole Park on the bus. The service is fantastic.

I use the Hospital Hop when needed, and the Bus when I can get the seats booked. A taxi to Christchurch hospital one way costs me £30 before I heard about your service. The Bus takes me to places I can no longer go to as we have stopped driving and I miss having the car.

Mainly i use the bus for the hospital appointments it is much appreciated. If the service was available i would have to try the ordinary bus or use an expensive taxi. Taxi cost are high especially as an 86year on pensioner on my own. I have found all the drivers very polite and helpful also punctual thank you

I use the bus to come to Castlepoint with my Carer – it is so good and enables me to get out, I have just had an eye operation and am about to have another operation so wont be using the service for a while but it is good to know you are there when i can go shopping again with my carer.

 love the mini trips, last time I went to Haskins it was wonderful, I have not been out much since lockdown and it is great to know you are running trips. Unfortunately I have my cleaner on a Wednesday so cant come out as i would like. The service is so wonderful, it gets me out and I would not be able to go out if you were not there, thank you so much.

I used to take the transport to the Brendon Care but because of lockdown I cannot get there, the service was really helpful, I hope that I can soon get out and about again, I rely on the service.

I go on most of the trips,, if it were not for the bus I would have to stay at home, I would like to say how helpful and considerate the drivers are at all times.