sedcat now sells brand new mobility aids from our offices at Boscombe and Castlepoint Shopmobility.

Below is a selection of our products and prices. Please call 01202 399700 or 01202 598295 to check stock availability or pop in and speak to us.

Scooter Bag (fits most wheelchairs) - £11.00           Height Adjustable, FoldWalking Stick - £10.00


                                     Aidapt Rollator (We also stock red & silver versions) - £65.00


.Genuine Radar Key

For Sale £4.00

The key allows disabled people to have independent access to the locked public toilets around the country. The Radar key is only for those who have a disability or health condition and need to use disabled toilet facilities 

Other products may be available from time to time. Please call 01202 598295 to enquire for information.

Additional items on special offer

Please note that these items are not regularly stocked so please phone to check that they are still available.

Sale £9.00

The Wheelchair Mac with sleeves is ideal for wheelchair users who require a high degree of independence. 

 It is:

  • 100% waterproof fabric and soft , elasticated cuffs for comfort. 
  • Lightweight wheelchair garment suitable for year - round use
  • Universal sizing with zip closure and elasticated skirt for a snug
  • Guaranteed complete weather protection for you and your wheelchair 

Sale £11.00

The fleece lined wheelchair cosy is an ideal article of clothing to provide protection from the wind and rain for your lower body, featuring a fleece-lined back panel for extra comfort and warmth.


  • 100% waterproof fabric with a polyester fleecing lining 
  • Has an extra large full length ring pulled zip to ensure easy access and an extended back panel to prevent droughts from occurring and going to your spine
  • It can be be put on and taken off with ease and is deigned to fit virtually all manual wheelchairs
We also have one full length wheelchair fleece lined mac for sale at £15.00, ideal for wet, blustery days.

Sale £13.00

The Wheelchair Crutch Bag has been specially designed to fit neatly onto the rear of most standard wheelchairs with pram handles, and many electric scooters too. 

 It can :

  • Give storage space for coats, shopping and medication etc
  • Enables wheelchair users and careers to safely carry more
  • Carry handle , fixed loops for handles and straps with buckles
  • Large zipped top closure for ease of use
  • Raised rubber feet keep the base of the bag dry

Previously used bath stool


Sale £10.00

The bathroom stool is suitable for use in the majority of shower areas. In very good condition and make the process of washing and bathing much easier. 

  Sale £4.00

The handy reacher is a valuable lightweight aid for tasks around the home, including a magnetic tip. It allows you to avoid over-reaching and applying too much pressure on yourself when you are bending over which people tend to often do.

 It Is designed to:

  •  help users, to grab small items without having to bend  down
  •  help to reduce back strains
  •  to be Lightweight